A Peek at N30 Foundations

N30® has been around since the dawn of SL Photography. The N30 Deluxe Modeling Studio was the first full featured photography system in Second Life and has remained a top seller. Over time, SL has changed and with it came new features and new ways to photograph avatars, objects, and landscapes. What we’ve done is to completely rewrite the scripts in the studio to give it a fresh, new personality. It is now more light weight and even easier to use than before! We began incorporating those things that were an issue for us with previous versions, such as height and width adjustments, HUD and Modeling Table connection, and layers.  We took our users top complaints and made them our number one priority in this new version.  (We even made it SL-Kid-Friendly!)

Currently, the HUD is being developed and is near completion.  The Studio itself is completed.  There are features that were removed which will be re-introduced back into the studio once we have positive feedback from non-BETA users on the current functionality.  The Modeling Table scripts have been optimized, but not rewritten.  We removed excess functions that were not needed or used by our customers and left all the good stuff!  We’ll further develop the Deluxe Modeling Table in upcoming versions.  The feedback received about the table was that our users like it as is, so we’ve been careful to keep the popular functions.

If you are currently an N30 Studio Owner, you can look for an announcement very soon about your free upgrade.  It will be available through your current version 2.9 and 3.0 Studio Menu.  We are positive that you will love your new N30 and that you’ll be very pleased with the work that has been put into its’ development.  We thank you for your patience and are working diligently towards its’ release.

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