Follow Us! …On Twitter!

With so many social networking sites to use, who can keep up?!  We check out various sites that offer additional ways for our customers to stay connected and have found that Twitter saves time for us and you!  It’s simple, to the point, and very user-friendly.  There are a host of Second Life related “Tweeters” who constantly update their status and provide valuable information.

When you use Twitter, you can “follow” any number of Tweets so that you are getting the information that is valuable to you all in one centralized blog-style account.  Twitter is a great way to inform you, our awesome SL family, customers, and friends what’s going on with events, new products, and in-world development without having to make dozens of blog posts!

Using Twitter is not necessary to keep up to date with N30 news, but we’re extending the invitation to “follow us” for those who enjoy using the service.  Our blog will continue to be updated while we also send important blog posts to Twitter as well.  So if you have a Twitter account, follow us!  If you need a Twitter account, you can sign up for free at your leisure.

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