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A New Haute Couture

Working tirelessly for several days creating heels brought me to create gowns to compliment them…or was that the other way around?  Either way, MadamG Zagtato Haute Couture has opened with gorgeous gowns and matching accessories for your Second Life avatar. 

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The Runway at New Paris

Fashion Shows just got an upgrade!  The new Runway at New Paris features sophisticated style and unique architecture.  The back room can host your models with complete furnishings needed for a backstage modeling show with wardrobe racks, poses, AO’s, nails, and

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A New Build for Never 30 in New Paris

Making Never 30 inSL more realistic led me to a rebuilding project geared toward simplicity.  There are and have been such a wide variety of products in the shop that organizing them proves to be a large task.  So I

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N30 Village

N30 Village is just around the corner from N30 Studios Headquarters. Shop in community style with 5 separate shops specializing in photography in Second Life.

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