Be Color Blind: Black & White Photography Tips

Here are some tips for transforming your SL photos into dramatic black and white works of art!

Tip #1: Use contrasting colors

If you have a choice for your backgrounds and also for clothing, use contrasting colors.  Yellow clothing on a white background doesn’t look as dramatic in black and white as a dark red or black shirt on a whote background.  If you are photographing a group of avatars, ask them to be sure to wear different shades of the same color or all light or all dark colors being certain to use a contrasting background.

pmbw1  pmbw2

Tip #2: Turn up the Contrast!

Contrast adds dramatic tone to your blackand white photos.  Use it carefully, and use it in good tatse!  Notice the difference between these two black and white photos after the adjustment in contrast:

pmbw2  pmbw3

Tip #3: Make some noise!

Make your photo a old classic by adding noise.

pmbw4  pmbw5

These are just a few things to try that will make a difference and change the impact of your photos.  Look for more useful tips for your Second Life photography soon!

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