Introduce Yourself, Get a Free Photo Bear

Leave us a comment and get a free Photo Bear!  Our cute Photo Bear Collection is based on the N30 Adventure Cam.  When you receive it, just right click on it from your inventory and wear it!  The cute lil bear will sit happily on your shoulder!  Then to use the camera feature and see what your bear sees, hit your escape key twice on your keyboard, then follow the instructions to zoom, etc.  A handy menu appears for your convenience:


To get your free bear, you’ll have to log in to add a reply/comment!  If you had an account on the former site, you should also have one here as well.  If you forgot your password, you can grab it in-world at by clicking on the Password Reset Sign at the front desk.

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15 comments on “Introduce Yourself, Get a Free Photo Bear
  1. MadamG Zagato says:

    Hi! I hope you have a great weekend everyone! :p


  2. Richard Lunardi says:

    Hi I’m Richard. Been a N30 User for Years.
    MadamG Keep up the Awesome Work. N30 was the best studio in the begining and its still the best now.

  3. Xia Xevious says:

    Hi there,

    I’ve been using N30 for long time! Have a nice weekend, N30!


  4. Badgirl Lyne says:

    So i’ve been using N30 for a long time and i hope that i can use it for a long time, its a great studio.
    have a nice weekend N30 users, bye

  5. Adec Alexandria says:

    cute bear! back in SL after a year away.. now wheres that N30 in my inv..

  6. Sakura Kohime says:

    Hi there.
    I think N30 is a wonderful studio.
    Have a nice weekend 🙂

  7. Photography Magic says:

    Gimmie that bear!

  8. sofiya Draconia says:

    omg i so want that teddie hes soooo cute

  9. AlexStephen Lytton says:

    I’m using my N30 for over a year. It’s the best studio i’ve ever seen in SL!

  10. Otis Footpad says:

    thanks to paris and her quick help


  11. Layla Webb says:

    Hi! I was finally able to log in! ~Layla

  12. Layla Webb says:

    Thank you so much. I finally got my bear!! :oD

  13. Malc Back says:

    Great studio, great aftersales service and great people that use the N30 happy days every one

  14. Zandalee Rigaud says:

    I bought my studio on a lark way back when I first came to SL. It sat in my inventory for ages and since having dug it back out, I’m having more fun taking pictures and developing my “skills.” lol

  15. Narelle Brenner says:

    I have been using N30 studio and lighting systems for a while and love them. It brings back memories of commercial/fashion photographic studios I was involved in a long time ago in rl. I look forward to getting new land soon so that I can set-up a better studio and gallery. Currently I flutter around SL and RL exploring and seeking potential shoots for specific topical ideas. I still liked the atmosphere of the old N30 building. It reminded me of many hours in darkrooms without the associated odours :)).

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