Control Your Color

The use of lighting and especially windlight gives us the opportunity to create stunning effects for our photos.  But sometimes we find that the color is overbearing on the avatar or other objects.  The use of color correction and a decrease in saturation fixes this.

So unless you are going for another hue that is unnatural, try tweaking the color using color correction, a decrease in saturation, and an increase in contrast.

contrast saturation


A few situation that may prompt you to use color correct are:

  • Changing your mind about using the windlight or light setting – If you already completed the photoshoot and decided that you don’t like the deep hues you can use color correction to fix it.
  • Your client doesn’t like the deep hues – Your client (or you) likes the pose and everything is just perfect except you had too much red or too much blue in the photo.  The image is completely saturated in color and you need to get it looking more natural.  Use color correction to fix it!
  • Using someone else’s photo – You’ve been given some photos to use or touch up, but the hues are too deep and too saturated.  You can use color correction to get them looking perfect.

Take a look at some of these photos.  Different windlight settings were used for each.  The photos on the left are the originals.  The photos on the right have been edited using color correction, saturation, and some contrast adjustments as well:

color balance 2b color balance 2a

color balance 3b color balance 3a

color balance 4b color balance 4a

color balance 5b color balance 5a

color balance 6b color balance 6a

color balance 7b color balance 7a

color balance 8b color balance 8a

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