Using Windlight as Your Lighting Source

Although there are many cool lights available to use when you are in your studio, you can always try using windlight to get different lighting effects.  Windlight is great for use in the studio as well as on location and also for candid photos.

To use windlight:

  1. Click on World, then Environment Settings, then Environment Editor.
  2. Click on the Advanced Sky button.

You can play with the slider and experiment or use the Sky Presets located at the top left of that window.

If you create your own setting or tweak a preset you can save it by clicking the “New” button and giving it a name.  You can then use it by locating it in the Sky Preset drop down box.

Check out a few photographs I took and notice the sky settings and the Sky Preset.  If you haven’t tried windlight as a lighting source for your photos, give it a try!  The possibilities are endless!

Tomorrow we’ll be taking a look at controlling your color to correct some issues in your photos concerning windlight!

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One comment on “Using Windlight as Your Lighting Source
  1. Zandalee Rigaud says:

    Great article. I’m looking forward to seeing more tips on lighting/special effects!

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