Common SL Photography Mistakes and How to Avoid & Fix Them

Here are some of the most common mistakes when taking photos in Second Life and how to avoid them or fix them:

  1. Avatar Names and Tags are Showing
    Avoid: Turn off avatar name display (set to “Never” in your settings on the General Tab.
    Fix: You can remove them using the “Spot Healing Brush Tool” in Photoshop or you can blur them out if the photo is not going to be of professional quality.  If the background is too busy, yo may have to reshoot,  this time removing the avatar name tags first.
  2. SL Voice Dot Showing
    Avoid: Have the avatar disable voice. (You can disable your voice also)
    Fix: Using the “Spot Healing Brush Tool” in Photoshop usually fixes this issue.
  3. Rigid Edges (Not as much a mistake than it is an annoyance)
    Avoid: If you have the luxury of being able to use antialiasing, then bump it up to at least 4x before you begin your shoot.
    Fix: You can use the blur tool in Photoshop to soften the edges where they are rigid.
  4. Too Much White Space (or Space) There’s too much space around your subject and the background is either too boring or too busy.
    Avoid: Zoom in!  Get your camera loser to your subject and forget about what’s going on in the background.
    Fix: Crop your photo.
  5. Scenery Has Low Detail
    Avoid: Increase some sliders in your Graphics Settings such as the Object slider, Flexiprim Slider, and Tree Slider.  Experiment with what sliders give you the best result and what your graphics card can handle.
    Fix: Use sharpen to increase the detail or increase the contrast and/or play with the gamma to decrease the amount of light shown on objects and areas of your photo that have noticeably low detail.  Blurring those areas is another option, thus focusing in on your subject.

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