SL Photography: A Guide to Finding and Keeping Customers

Before I begin, let me inform those who post on forums that the majority of SL residents do not read (or even know about) the forums.  You can advertise on forums and you may get a response, but don’t rely of the SL forums as a method of advertisement.  You have to utilyze the tools within SL and get them to work for you and your photography business.

Attend Events
Most people want to see how talented you are before they spend time in your studio.  What better way to show them than TO SHOW THEM!  I got most of my customers when just starting out by visiting events in SL and taking candid photos of avatars (I’d usually ask them if it was ok to take some pics and that I’d send them later).  After I spent some time editing them and finishing them with various filters and effects, I would present them in a book or scripted frame that changes images along with my prices and availability.  They were always 100% pleased and some came back for more.

Offer Your Services
When you meet a store owner try offering them your services.  Ask them if they’d like help photographing their next clothing release and that you have a few ideas to make their ads look more professional (or whatever you feel you can offer).

Ask for a Plug
If you are photographing an event, ask for a couple of advertisement plugs.  Perhaps even an inserted line of advertisement in the invitations or handouts.

Use your Picks as a Mobile Gallery
Save your best shots and put them in your picks so that others who are browsing your profile will see your awesome work!  They should be able to teleport to your gallery or shop when clicking on the teleport button.

Get your Photos EVERYWHERE and Sign/Brand Them
Flickr, Photobucket,  and any other site that hosts image galleries are a great place to add your photos.  Be sure to add tags to them so that they come up in searches and place your logo on them as well.  Provide a link to your shop (SLURL) so others know where to find you and your services!

Feel free to post your tips for finding and keeping customers below!

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