Meet Chocolate Voom

Chocolate Voom is the owner of two SL Businesses titled “Designs by Chocolate” and “Chocolate’s Garden Center”. Her favorite place inSL to hang out is at her home, Paraiso de Coco with her partner, Winaboi Cleanslate.

Chocolate enjoys making creations for her stores, shopping, dancing at Ragga Shanti, hanging out with her sisters and friends, and surfing (not well she says but is trying).

She has two SL dogs named Tyson and Gypsy, loves all colors, and loves that she is able to visit destinations on her RL list of places to see.

Chocolate says, “Be more concerned with your character for it is who you truly are and not what others perceive you to be.” She wants to be clear also that others shouldn’t mistake her sweetness as a weakness.