Category: Amazing People

Meet (Mistress) LadyJ Devin

(Mistress) LadyJ Devin of “Castle Hell, BDSM/FEMDOM” lives in “Castle Hell” and enjoys hanging out in her dungeon.  Mostly LadyJ enjoys being able to meet people and enjoy herself in SL.  Being a fan of the colors black and deep

Meet Gert Laval

Gert Laval of “Twice as Nice Gridwide Advertising, Twice as Nice, Groovy Gestures” enjoys hanging out everywhere in SL!  Gert is in the advertising business and loves that you can be whatever you want in SL. Gert says, “When I

Meet Yasmin Nurmi

Yasmin Nurmi of “Deco Art” enjoys spending time at “Urbanity Club”.  She enjoys shopping and creating in SL.  Yasmin has a dog, birds, tiger and monkeys for pets in SL and enjoys the fact that she is able to know people from different

Meet Annabel Muircastle

Annabel Muircastle of “Annabel’s Studio” lives on the island of “Eternity Isle” where she enjoys spending time.  She loves to explore and loves the color blue.  Annabel says, “Make the most out of SL”.

Meet Kayla Curtis

Kayla Curtis has the best family and friends!  “Photography on the Side” is her SL business and she enjoys hanging out at her SL home with her girls and family on DiAmanti Island.  Kayla loves to shop for her little

Meet Ashirin Oakleaf

Ashirin Oakleaf of “Ashes to Ash’s Fantasy Eyes and Photography” enjoys hanging out at Sinful Needs club, and Covenstead’s Library.  Ashirin designs custom eyes and shapes, takes photos all over the place, works in a club, and wanders *everywhere*!   Ashirin

Meet Lixena Lamourfou

Lixena Lamourfou loves to hang out at any store or mall with incredible fashion such as Paper Couture and loves to Scuba Dive in SL!  In SL, Lixena mostly takes care of businesses and socializes with friends, now and then hanging

Meet Evalein Fuchs

‘I`m adominant Miss but in the cuddle way, like  friendly people  specialy woman and could be poisen  to stupid guys and semi machos and people. I love to say what I`m thinking  and unfotunately  most time I do it……….  It

Meet Jman Hobinoo

Jman Hobinoo of “N&J studios” enjoys hanging out in “Ocean 11”.  Jman likes taking pictures, building sims and meeting new people from all over the world in SL!  Jman says, “I love to build my sim for other to enjoy and

Meet Concord Beattie

Concord Beattie of Pennylane Photographic (an absolutely professionally run SL business I’d like to add) enjoys hanging out at Wilder Skies, loves taking photos, flying, planes & helicopter, as well air combat!  concord’s heart belongs to his SL sweetheart Ammber

Meet Mocha Jackson

Mocha Jackson of  Mo’Stylez Clothing and Jackson Estates loves to hang out in South I City.  Mocha designs clothes, makes Ipods, DeeJays, and is the co-manager of South I City and South I Estates!  Mostly, Mocha enjoys hanging out with

Meet Mystk Perl

Mystk Perl is the Queen and founder of Wikked Curze Bloodlines Clan, 3 sims of rentals and 40 store mall and Designer of Wikked Deezinz Furnitture & CLothes!  Her SL Sweetheart is her Hubby and King DaBull Hansup.  She enjoys