Meet Lixena Lamourfou

Lixena Lamourfou loves to hang out at any store or mall with incredible fashion such as Paper Couture and loves to Scuba Dive in SL!  In SL, Lixena mostly takes care of businesses and socializes with friends, now and then hanging out with interesting newbies.

Lixena has a Scottish Terrier Dog named Xeryus and an Arabian Horse names Xeus.  Mostly, Lixena loves the SL fashion culture, the fashion shows, parties, magazines and blogs and is a fan of the color black.

Lixena says, “There is no difference between RL and SL both equally exists.  Your preception is what frames your reality, so if you preceive SL as real then it is for you.  And so in that you defy quantum physics by being in two places at one time.”