Meet Gert Laval

Gert Laval of “Twice as Nice Gridwide Advertising, Twice as Nice, Groovy Gestures” enjoys hanging out everywhere in SL!  Gert is in the advertising business and loves that you can be whatever you want in SL.

Gert says, “When I started in Sl in february 2007 I was making a SL ” living” with photography and a small model agency, I created & sold gestures.  Nowadays i try to focus on advertising and logo design. I still make photos occasionally, but offering a free gridwide advertising service can be very time-consuming.  I get around in SL, have seen a lot of beautiful places and I am still amazed by all the beauty that is available in Second Life. I love SL for the Three P’s: People, Places & Pleasure.”

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…” -Gert Laval

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