New MYSQL Server

If you have had trouble accessing this blog or our knowledgebase at we are pleased to announce the database issues are now resolved.  We have moved our MYSQL databases to another server  which is more stable.  Should you exprecience any issues accessing this site, please contact us so that we may resolve them as quickly as possible.

4 comments on “New MYSQL Server
  1. Photography Magic says:

    Yay back up! I was suffering withdrawals tonight amigos :p I couldn’t write anything lol.

  2. It’s been working great for a while now actually! This server is smooth like jello (I guess jello is smooth eh?)

  3. Photography Magic says:

    No today it as down for a few. It looked like you might be moving it again and it was redirecting.

  4. Oy! I’ve been here and I haven’t done anything. I was working in the DW earlier converting the last of the scripts (^^) and there was some weirdness for a few minutes. I contacted the hosting provider via Live chat who said they were switching over their billing systems and may not be able to log in to that system until they got the accounts moved over or something, but I didn’t see it affect us. If you *or anyone* notices anything odd, just shoot me an IM in-world if you are logged in. I’ll keep an eye on it.

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