New Pose Sets!

We have 8 new pose sets at N30 in New Paris!  Each with a different theme and available as separate poses or in packs.  Stop by and get your poses on today!

New Sets Available:

  • Coy – Gentle, charming poses
  • Poker Face – In your face poses that are great for closeups
  • Donna – Some cool just standing around looking pretty poses
  • Fat Back – Show off that rear!  Poses that turn the avatar around facing the back
  • Jessica – Seated, kneeling poses
  • Shelly – Dramatic poses
  • The Kiss – Poses that are good for the kiss gesture
  • Flexibility – Show off your flexibility with poses that bend and stretch
  • Mellow – Easy going poses
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2 comments on “New Pose Sets!
  1. Anhinga Chaika says:

    There it goes! In spite of how much time I am online, I have not ever been much of a forums-poster or a web-browser type-person, because when I am online these days I find myself goofing off with my N30 studio 😛 and now that this new website is up, I will try to do a little more than before… that bear is just so darn cute!

    And nice to have some new poses as well!

  2. MadamG Zagato says:

    Hi Anhinga! Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your bear and have an awesome weekend!

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