New! Preset Directional Lighting

The N30 Deluxe Modeling Studio v4.02 has been released with preset directional lighting.  We added 5 more light settings which allow you to add directional studio lighting to your portraits.  Light from lower left, upper left, overhead, upper right, and lower right are now available by clicking the 6,7,8,9 or 10 button on the control center.

You’ll also find that the changing the front and back light settings gives more choices for intensity and radius.  For instance you can turn front and rear lights on while using a directional setting to over expose your shot, or just turn on the rear lighting set for a very soft, subtle light…or anywhere in between.

The Studio comes equipped with individual lighting controls, however using this method concentrates all of the lights in the studio to one task which is creating powerful directional light.

Check out these portraits:

These images appear in order of the preset lighting controls. The first 5 use presets 1 through 5 at moderate intensity which are primarily designed for full body photos while the last 5 are the preset directional light situations best suited for portraits.  As you can see, this feature yields dramatic results!  Check out other improvements in this verson of the N30 Deluxe Modeling Studio at

How Do I Get an Update?

You can get your update by rezzing your v2.9 or v3.0 studio, clicking the control box and selecting Help > Updates.  If you have version 4.0+ simply click the N30 logo at the base of your control center.

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  1. Monika Folland says:

    Hello Madame! I have rezzed my Everything N30 Studios v3.0 and I was trying to update, but I can’t. I have only managed to log in to my account on your webpage. If you are able to help me, I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance!

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