v4.04 Improvements

Version 4.04 of the N30 Deluxe Modeling Studio is a must have if you are a prop lover!  The new prop mode gives you powerful control over your props.  With v4.04, you can disable or enable props, rez them and have them (a) de-rez when another prop is rezzed or when  you kill them, (b) delete themselves after xx minutes, or (c) stay put so you can move them around in edit mode while working with your scene.  You can also call a prop by its’ nickname as specified in the ++PROPS notecard (i.e. /2 rezz prop1 will rez the vintage bathtub if you have channels enabled (Click home button > Maintenance > Channel))

This version ships with three more cool skins: ‘OXmas Tree’, ‘Toonville’, and ‘Eco Friendly’ which will only be available separatley after v4.1.  These fun skins are 3 of 9 that have been created specifically for the N30 Deluxe Modeling Studio.

See all of the improvements in version 4.04 at http://www.never30.org/blog/?page_id=1257

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