Meet Gweneth Lange

Gweneth Lange of “LANGE PHOTOS” probably looks great in deep red – that’s her favorite color!  Her favorite place to hang out in SL is The Nameless Isle.  Besides her photography interests, gweneth loves spending time with her friends.   When asked what she loves most about SL, she says, “I love the social aspect, the friendly people and the beautifully created content.”

Gweneth also says, “I consider myself extremely fortunate to have met some of the most wonderful people because of SL. With all the nationalities, cultures and lifestyles represented here, I’ve noticed my mindset has expanded and because of it, I believe Im a better person. I enjoy a bit of vampire role playing, exploring, treasure hunts, taking snapshots, shopping, slow dancing. I love being goofy and laughing hard.”

When asked to say something amazing, she states “I’m only as good as the company I keep.”  (The lady is beautiful and gives good advice!)

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