Meet Ludmila Larnia

Ludmila Larnia os an SL photographer who resides in Beachwood.  She enjoys going to parties, chatting with friends, dancing and working in SL.  Ludmila has THREE pets in SL ((one dog and two cats ^^).  Her favorite color is blue and what she loves most about SL is shopping and dancing! 

Ludmila says, “I am friendly and kind. Usually like to help people. I hate discussions and gossip…;-P   I wanna have more 3 childs in sl (i have now 2).. and get  a great family in my sl future lol…   :)” 

Ludmila also says, “God´s love is all I need”.  Beautiful words from a beautiful lady!  We wish ludmila and her SL Sweetheart, Danielsp Andel  all the best!


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