Meet Laurie Teardrop

Well say hello to Laurie Teardrop!  LAurie is a photographer who works from her studio.  Her favorite place to hang out is Masalla and she enjoys Partying, Takin Shots, and Meeting People!  In SL Laurie’s sweetheart is Linkin Singh and she also has four pets: a Butterfly, a Pig, a Bunny, and a Bird.  When asked what she loves most about SL, Laurie said “the people” and she also loves the color pink!


“Tell us something about yourself or your Second Life that you want everyone to know:
I’m nice.. Don’t be afraid to talk to me. I’m german, female and 19yo. I rlly love to take pictures.. Check my flickr by Intrest (in my profile) -winks-” – Laurie

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